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Dafy Holdings Visit Day | Ding! One day punch in to satisfy all your curiosity!

Date: 2018-09-28

达飞控股参观日 | 叮!一日打卡~ 满足你所有的好奇心!

On November 20, 2017, Dafy Group acquired Fengzhan Holdings, and on March 22, 2018, it was renamed Dafy Holdings (01826.HK). Dafy Holdings is located in Hong Kong, in Room 2101, 21th floor, Xinyin Group Center, 200 Gloucester Road, Wanchai. After a month of site selection, three months of design and construction, in September 2018, Dafy Holdings Co., Ltd. officially opened its workplace.

As one of the new members of Dafy

Dafy Holdings is a proper Aberdeen

Now, Dafy Holdings shines on the stage!

It can be said to be very exciting.


Under the cover of the listed halo (01826.HK)

Are you all curious?

SO, Xiaobian went to Hong Kong for a visit.

Want to know? Come along then!

达飞控股参观日 | 叮!一日打卡~ 满足你所有的好奇心!

Dafy Holdings is located in the center of Hong Kong Xinyin Group. It is located in a prosperous area. Many well-known Hong Kong enterprises, such as Hong Kong and Xingbaihua Oil, have their headquarters here. Near the company is New Times Square, opposite Victoria Harbour.

达飞控股参观日 | 叮!一日打卡~ 满足你所有的好奇心!

Meet Times Square, Witness the Flourishing~

达飞控股参观日 | 叮!一日打卡~ 满足你所有的好奇心!

达飞控股参观日 | 叮!一日打卡~ 满足你所有的好奇心!

Feel the modern atmosphere of Victoria Harbour~

After some searching, Xiaobian came to the 21th floor of Xinyin Group Center in Hong Kong. Ding, he finally saw the true face of Dafy Holdings.~

达飞控股参观日 | 叮!一日打卡~ 满足你所有的好奇心!

Well, you have to take a front photo!

After refinement, Dafy Holdings keeps the same style as Dafy, which is both simple and elegant, but also has a sense of modern science and technology. The open operation of the new workplace is a new starting point for Dafy, which means that Dafy has begun to expand its career not only in the mainland, but also in Hong Kong.

Under the leadership of Hong Kong's small partners, Xiaobian strolled around Dafy Holdings and saw the coastal landscape of the commercial buildings in the core area of Hong Kong.~

达飞控股参观日 | 叮!一日打卡~ 满足你所有的好奇心!

达飞控股参观日 | 叮!一日打卡~ 满足你所有的好奇心!

达飞控股参观日 | 叮!一日打卡~ 满足你所有的好奇心!

Brand new office environment, brand new start, towards the future, start!

达飞控股参观日 | 叮!一日打卡~ 满足你所有的好奇心!

Dafy Holdings has devoted itself to public welfare since its initial operation. It has a loving heart and a hundred points! Applause rings!

达飞控股参观日 | 叮!一日打卡~ 满足你所有的好奇心!

Photographs are delightful~  (*╹▽╹*)

达飞控股参观日 | 叮!一日打卡~ 满足你所有的好奇心!

All right.

This is our one-day visit.

Believe that because of the birth of Dafy Holdings

Da Fy people from all over the country will go to Hong Kong later.

It feels like going home.

There's a warm foothold to look forward to.

达飞控股参观日 | 叮!一日打卡~ 满足你所有的好奇心!

Let's look forward to the future

Dafy Holdings, a new member of Dafy family

Can develop better and better

Let's go one step further for Dafy's career.

达飞控股参观日 | 叮!一日打卡~ 满足你所有的好奇心!

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