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Dafy Holdings (01826) subsidiary Shangrao Dafy and Haier Consumption Finance Co., Ltd. reached a c

Date: 2018-11-07

Dafy Holdings (01826) has thrown good news to the market.

Zhitong Finance and Economics APP has learned that recently, Dafy Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Shangrao Dafy '), a subsidiary of Dafy Holdings, has signed a cooperation agreement with Haier Consumption Finance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Haier Consumption Fund') to provide personal consumer credit services for eligible borrowers.

Rao Dafy, the main body of the new business, is an important operating asset of Dafy Holdings. On August 6, Dafy Holdings announced that Shanghai Feiyu acquired 51% of Shangrao Dafy Financial Information Services Co., Ltd. from controlling shareholder Gao Yunhong. After the acquisition, Shangrao Dafy opened the 'attack' mode along the way.

This is another important project that Shangrao Dafy has won in the near future, and its fund-side layout is also continuing to expand. Prior to that, Dafy in Shangrao City signed strategic cooperation agreements with fund providers such as Ai Local Platform, which deepened business cooperation in information services. This time, Shangrao Dafy has broadened its moat in terms of lending channels.

In this cooperation with Haier Consumption Fund, Shangrao Dafy has set up a lending platform for the project by leasing and operating Dafy 's'Dafy yun Credit'. After finding potential borrowers, Shangrao Dafy will use Haier's fund to conduct risk assessment and credit audit on borrowers, and finally provide personal consumer credit services to eligible borrowers.

From previous cooperation, it is not difficult to see that Shangrao Dafy plays the role of 'platform', and in the development of the Internet financial industry, platform resources are particularly valuable. It is reported that Shangrao Dafy has set up its unique channel for receiving customers, and has more voice in promoting mutual fund business.

In addition, in view of the speed at which Shangrao Dafy launched many new projects in the past two months, in the future, it will gradually increase the channels of different funders and continue to fall on the map of Internet finance.

After the baptism of a series of regulatory policies and regulations, the Internet financial industry has formally entered a new era of compliance development. Risk management and risk control are also the key to ensure the normal operation of the platform. In this regard, Dafy has established a complete risk management system and covered the whole process of wind control and monitoring system before, during and after the loan, in order to catch up with competitors on the regular track.

Although there are still a number of financial assets under Dafy Holdings that are not reflected in its performance, Dafy may gradually be reflected in the main body of listed companies through different ways in the future. From Shangrao Dafy 's second half of the year, we can see that Dafy 'shigh-quality financial assets are reflected in stronger and stronger expectations in the earnings.

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