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Dafy Holdings(01826)Social e-commerce chess game: Linlang Mall gains 22 million in two days

Date: 2018-08-10

Dafy Holdings (01826) major shareholders in the territory of social e-commerce conquered another city.

DafyHoldings (01826) is chaired by Gao Yunhong, who recently entered the social e-commerce business relying on the newly established Linlang Mall. Data show that as of 21:00 p.m. on August 9, only two days after the launch of Linlang Mall, the number of visitors has exceeded 21 million, the cumulative amount of orders reached 22.1 million yuan, while the number of gold medal members has exceeded 26130.

Linlang Mall is now standing on the 'new species' of social e-commerce. With the development of mobile internet, people tend to share content from the beginning of consumption, and social sharing has increasingly become an indispensable link between users and businesses. Linlang Mall APP is a brand-new sharing economic and social e-commerce platform based on sharing economy + mode.

According to Zhitong Finance and Economics APP, 'while consuming, while making money' is also the model positioning of Linlang Mall, which believes that in the mode of social e-commerce, everyone can become the entrance of channels. In addition, friends recommended by users can also be rewarded for sharing after purchasing goods.

The logic of Linlang Mall is not only to satisfy the single dimension of shopping demand. Through its model, we can see that the greatest value of social e-commerce is to use good shopping experience and endorsement of products, increase trust through interaction and communication with users, and then establish a long-term stable relationship. It can be predicted that in the next few years, social e-commerce platforms such as Linlang Mall will continue to flourish, and may become another trend leading e-commerce.

Zhitong Finance and Economics APP learned that Linlang Mall was built by Beijing Dayunchen Business Consulting Co., Ltd. and is the product of the latter 'Dafei Partner' project. Dafei Partners are the assets of Dafei Group. In addition, Dafei has several sub-brands such as Dafei Technology Holdings, Dafeiyun Loan, Expected Technology, Dollar Harbour and so on.

As a financial technology enterprise, the asset side is the entry point of Dafei, while Linlang Mall is another layout of Dafei in the asset side. Since this year, the 'asset shortage' has attacked again, pushing the industry's demand for high-quality assets to an unprecedented height.

Internet finance, as a matchmaker of the combination of capital and asset demand, needs to search for investable assets through checks at different levels, on the other hand, it needs to attract investors to invest in these assets. Among them, the most critical is the source of the target project, that is, the asset side of Dafei's concern, which almost determines the play and survival of the Internet financial platform in the next few years.

Some industry insiders said that in the past few years, many online lending platforms have neglected the quality of assets in pursuit of asset scale, and their own wind control system and technology are relatively weak. When these assets enter the repayment period, the default rate of those assets with poor quality will rise, and the accumulated risk on the asset side will erupt centrally, thus affecting the normal operation of the platform and the normal return of lenders'funds.

As a popular saying in the Internet financial industry, 'To see the risks of a financial platform, we must first see where the investors'money is going.' Therefore, the quality of assets determines the competitiveness of an online lending platform.

Linlang Mall's achievements in just two days prove to some extent its excellent quality, but unfortunately, this business has not been injected into Dafei Holdings. It is noteworthy that since the listing of Dafei Holdings, many of its financial businesses have not been injected.

Zhitong Finance and Economics APP learned that on August 6, Dafei Holdings announced that Shanghai Feiyu, affiliated to Dafei Holdings, intends to acquire 51% of Shangrao Dafei Financial Information Services Co., Ltd. from controlling shareholder Gao Yunhong at the cost of RMB 1.00. From the trading price of RMB 1, we can see that Dafei's controlling shareholders have obvious aim to inject new business. In addition, Shanghai Feiyu, the buyer of this transaction, has just been established for less than four months.

Dafei Holdings has said in its announcement that Shanghai Feiyu will actively try to use shareholder resources to expand its business in China. Directors also believe that this will expand the business of the group, maintain its sustained growth and long-term increase in the growth potential of the company and its shareholder value.

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