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Dafy Holdings(01826)Chairman Gao Yunhong's Da Feiyun Loan and the Institute of Statistics of Renmin

Date: 2018-09-06

In the shuffling of mutual gold industry, Dafy has eliminated industry interference, actively practiced internal skills, strengthened investment in science and technology, and driven the company to a new development pattern with the force of science and technology.

Zhitong Finance and Economics APP learned that recently, Dafy yun Credit Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Dafeiyun Credit') signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Statistics Institute of Renmin University of China to jointly establish a large data joint laboratory.

While Internet technology has brought tremendous changes to China's financial industry, there have also been some chaos in the mutual fund industry. In this context, Dafeiyun Loan is facing difficulties and increasing investment in the field of science, technology and finance. In order to strengthen the strength of data and science and technology, Dafeiyun Loan and the statistics of Renmin University of China have been carried out on the principle of data-driven refined operation management and risk management as a whole. College strong joint efforts to create a joint laboratory of smart finance.

It is worth noting that Dafei Holdings (01826) has been investing in new financial assets business since this year, and Dafeiyun loan, as a high-quality financial asset, will be reflected in the main body of the listed company.

At present, Internet finance has entered a cold winter, but only enterprises with weak wind control ability and inadequate financial science and technology innovation ability in the past reckless era have frozen to death. Only enterprises that can survive under strong supervision can get out of this long night.

In the future, Dafeiyun Loan will cooperate with the Institute of Statistics of Renmin University of China in three aspects: establishing a joint laboratory of financial big data, building a talent sharing mechanism of financial big data, and building a technical service platform of 'production, learning, research and use' of financial big data.

Specifically, the cooperation between the two will connect teaching, scientific research and practical application. For example, the Institute of Statistics of Renmin University of China will select teachers and postgraduates with outstanding professional knowledge and scientific research ability according to the needs of the work of large financial data analysis, while Dafeiyun Loan will appoint directors and data analysts to participate in the joint laboratory project research.

Financial big data platform is one of the key elements of this cooperation. Dafeiyun Loan and the Institute of Statistics of Renmin University of China will build the platform through technical service cooperation, special project cooperation and scientific and technological innovation cooperation.

The Institute of Statistics will use scientific research resources to build this financial data platform together with Dafeiyun Credit. Its teachers and graduate students will participate in the project modeling, trial operation and solidification of Dafeiyun Credit, such as customer relationship network atlas, overdue and bad customer behavior prediction.

Dafeiyun Loan takes advantage of its own industry advantages to help the Statistical Institute solve the problem of teaching data resources for related majors. In terms of scientific and technological innovation, they will share key scientific and technological issues in the development of new technologies, and share project achievements and related intellectual property rights.

It is not difficult to see from the content of this cooperation that big data finance is the global development trend of current financial science, technology and financial model. Big data finance has reshaped the core areas of banking, insurance, securities investment and other financial industries, and has also led to profound changes in the financial model.

However, Dafeiyun Credit, a joint venture between the strong and the strong, is racing on the track of big financial data, but this asset is not reflected in the performance of Dafei Holdings. It is worth noting that since the listing of Dafei Holdings, although there are many financial businesses under Dafei Holdings besides the listed main body, Dafei may gradually be reflected in the listed main body through different channels in the future.

According to the mid-term performance data of Dafei Holdings, its financial business has not yet been reflected. But from a series of measures taken by Dafei Holdings since this year, the purpose of its investment in new financial assets business is reverie.

Dafei Holdings previously issued successive announcements that it intends to acquire shares in car rental companies and financial information services companies of Shangrao Dafei, both of which are assets of Dafei Holdings Director Gao Yunhong. Among them, the purchase price of 51% equity of Dafei Financial Information Services Co., Ltd. in Shangrao City is only RMB 1 yuan. It is not difficult to see that Dafei's controlling shareholders have obvious purpose to invest in new business. In addition, Shanghai Feiyu, the buyer of this transaction, has just been established for less than four months.

In addition, in mid-August, the new 'trump card' financial officer airborne to Dafei Holdings. From the above signs, we can infer that the two major businesses of Dafei in the future will include: car rental and financial technology, which are also the two most promising businesses in the field of Internet finance.

As we said at the beginning, as a high quality financial asset, Dafeiyun Loan is likely to be reflected in the main body of the listed company. In the field of Internet finance, Dafei Holdings, which has been deeply cultivated for many years, is bound to have a surprise performance in the future with the gradual embodiment of its main business, relying on positive and steady financial technological innovation.

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