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Dafy Holdings(01826)The subsidiary company Shangrao Dafei and Aidu Platform reached a cooperation ag

Date: 2018-10-16

Dafy Holdings (01826) subsidiary Shangrao Dafy and Ai local platform have reached cooperation agreements. The shuffling of mutual fund industry is under way, while the moat of Dafy Holdings (01826) is widening.

Zhitong Finance and Economics APP has learned that recently, Shangrao Dafy Financial Information Services Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Dafy Holdings, has signed strategic cooperation agreements with Ai local platform and other two funders to start business cooperation in information services.

This is an important chess piece that Dafy Holdings has dropped on the capital end of the territory.

Rao Dafy , the main body of the new business, is an important operating asset of Dafy Holdings. On August 6, Dafy Holdings announced that Shanghai Feiyu, affiliated to the controlling shareholder Gao Yunhong, had acquired 51% of Shangrao Dafei Financial Information Services Co., Ltd. at a cost of RMB 1.00. Less than two months after the announcement, Shangrao Dafei has launched a new project.

In this cooperation with Aidu and other two funders, Shangrao Dafei plays the role of a commercial service agency. Shangrao Dafei will recommend the borrower to the local fund holder after screening the borrower according to the access conditions and risk management system established by the above fund holder. The latter will conduct the final approval of the loan project again according to its wind control standards, and online matching of the loan project through the platform.

It is Shangrao Dafei's first attempt to cooperate with Aiben and so on. It is also a starting point for Shangrao Dafei to open up the territory of its capital terminal. In view of the speed at which Rao Dafei started new projects two months after its establishment, in the future, it will continue to add new channels for different funders and continue to fall on the map of Internet finance.

In the current shuffling of mutual fund industry, risk management and risk control are the key to ensure the normal operation of the platform. Dafei has set up a complete risk management system, covering the whole process of pre-loan, loan-in-loan and loan-in-loan wind control system and monitoring system. It also uses big data to control the needs and risks of various scenarios, and strives to maximize the balance of risks and benefits.

At present, Internet finance has entered a cold winter, but only enterprises with weak wind control ability and inadequate financial science and technology innovation ability in the past reckless era have frozen to death. Only enterprises that can survive under strong supervision can get out of this long night. On this road, Dafei consolidates the mutual fund territory by cooperating with different high-quality assets and funds.

It is noteworthy that, in addition to Shangrao Dafei, Dafei Holdings still has a number of financial businesses listed in the main body, but Dafei may gradually be reflected in the main body of the listing through different channels in the future. According to a series of measures taken by Dafei since this year, its purpose of investing in new financial assets business is reverie. In the future, Dafei's two major businesses will include: car rental and financial technology, which are also the two most promising businesses in the field of Internet finance.

Although Dafei's main business is not reflected in its financial report, considering that it has been deeply engaged in the field of Internet finance for many years, its future performance is bound to be surprising with the positive and steady innovation and sustainable development of financial science and technology.

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